Jalebi 2018



Jalebi Aisha (Rhea Chakraborty) is a writer in the making and an independent, forward-thinking woman from Mumbai who goes to Delhi together with her friend to conduct research for her forthcoming book. Dev (Varun Mtra) is a local guide, is the one she is drawn to. He proposes to her, and they are married. After a few months, Aisha finds out that she’s expecting a baby. Dev is extremely happy, but Aisha isn’t so sure as she isn’t ready for become a mother. Dev convinces Aisha to settle in a state of bliss. They name Disha their daughter, a portmanteau of Dev’s and Aisha’s names. Jalebi HD

Aisha is suffering from a miscarriage, and Dev’s mom blames Aisha. Aisha feels embarrassed and insulted, and she leaves Dev. A few days later, Dev and his family try to get her back but she doesn’t return. Dev invites her to visit him in Kashmir in case he truly loves her. But he doesn’t.

Seven years later, Aisha plans her second wedding as she’s still in love and in love Dev. She is faced with her dilemma and sets off for Delhi. She encounters Anu who is a woman as well as her daughter Pulti on her journey. It appears that Anu is Dev’s second wife. She also meets Dev on the same train. While traveling she talks about her wedding with him. In addition, she learns that her name is Disha, and feels upset and scolds Dev for having her name that. Anu says that Pulti was not the baby of Dev and was actually the sired by Anu. Dev lifted at the very second he saw Pulti and prior to marriage, he had a single requirement that she be called Disha.

The train reaches Dev’s station. Anu thanked Aisha for having given Dev to her, and also told her that Aisha was Dev’s first wife and love. Dev disembarks the train, but Anu urges Dev to confess to Aisha that he was planning to meet her that day in Kashmir but realised that she would not be content with him. He wishes for her to live happily and live her dream. His life is different from hers. He confesses that it was due to this that he hurried through divorce proceedings and appeared as an unlikable person to her. He also informed her that he’d many times read her novel. They hugged and wept together. She added that even though their paths may differ the bond between them is unbreakable. Dev informs Aisha that he will wait for her next novel and then they break up, to live two different lives with two distinct destinies.

A year later, Dev finds Aisha’s new book, titled Jalebi which is an account of their romance.