The Aviator 2004

The Aviator (2004) บิน รัก บันลือโลก

The Aviator During 1913 in Houston In 1913 in Houston, eight year-old Howard Hughes’ mother bathes him and teaches him how to spell “quarantine” and warns Howard Hughes about the recent cholera outbreak in Houston: “You are not safe.” Fourteen years later, in 1927, Hughes begins to direct his first film, The Hell’s Angels, and employs Noah Dietrich to manage the day-to-day management of his empire. After the success of The Jazz Singer The Jazz Singer, the first film that was partially symbiotic, Hughes becomes obsessed with filming his film in a realistic way, and decides to convert the film to sound film. Despite the film being an enormous success, Hughes remains unsatisfied with the end result and orders the film to be edited after its Hollywood premiere. He becomes romantically involved with actress Katharine Hepburn who assists him to reduce the symptoms of his deteriorating obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD).

Hughes tests the H-1 Racer in 1935. He breaks an all-time speed record, but was forced to put the plane on the beetfield after it ran out of fuel. He breaks the world record for flying around the world in just four days, three years later. He then bought majority ownership of Transcontinental & Western Air. Juan Trippe, a rival company chairman and Pan American World Airways (Pan Am) chairman, convinces Owen Brewster to introduce the Community Airline Bill. This will give Pan Am exclusive access to international flights. Hepburn gets bored of Hughes’ eccentricity, workaholism and bizarre behavior, and decides to leave him to join fellow actor Spencer Tracy. Hughes quickly connects with fifteen-year-old Faith Domergue and later actress Ava Gardner. He is in love with Hepburn and is willing to pay reporters to keep stories about her and the married Tracy off the news. The Aviator HD

In the mid-1940s Hughes contracted two projects with the Army Air Forces in the mid-1940s, one of which was the development of a spy plane and the other for an aircraft for troop transport vehicle to be used in World War II. In 1947, with the H-4 Hercules flying boat still in construction, Hughes finishes the XF-11 reconnaissance plane and sends it out for an initial test flight. Hughes is badly injured when the engine goes down during flight. Hughes continues to work on the H-4 Hercules using his own money, but the army cancels the order. Hughes is told by Dietrich that he must pick between funding the airlines or his own flying boat. Hughes decides to ask Dietrich to mortgage the TWA assets so he can continue the development.

Hughes’ OCD gets worse and he gets more paranoid. He taps Gardner’s phones to track her until she kicks him out of her home. The FBI investigates his home for incriminating evidence of war profiteering and sifting through his belongings and, to his utter horror finding dirt in his house. Brewster privately offers to drop charges if Hughes decides to sell TWA to Trippe however Hughes will not accept. Hughes’ OCD symptoms become severe, and he retreats to an isolated “germ-free zone” for three months. Trippe summons Brewster to Hughes to conduct an Senate investigation. He is convinced Hughes will not show up. Gardner comes to his house to groom and dress for the hearing. He proposes to for her hand in marriage, and she laughs and says that the man is “too crazy” for her.

Hughes is reenergized and poised to stand up against Brewster’s accusations, accuses Trippe of accepting the bribes. Hughes declares that Hughes has pledged to finish the H-4 aircraft and is prepared to leave the country in the event that it’s not. Brewster’s bill was swiftly defeated. After successfully flying the aircraft, Hughes speaks with Dietrich and his engineer Glenn Odekirk, about a new jetliner for TWA. He begins to experience a recurring vision of men wearing germ-resistant suits and suffers a anxiety attack. Hughes begins to experience flashbacks as Odekirk hides Hughes in a bathroom , while Dietrich takes an ambulance. He reminisces about his childhood, his fondness of flying and his ambition to be successful.